Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920-iPhone 5-Samsung Galaxy S3-among 5 best smart phones

Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 are definitely among 5 best smart phones
Smart phones are in the highest demand right now and shoppers had never had it so good before. Earlier the choice was very limited and people had not many options. Some five years ago, there was only one choice if you were looking forward to get great smart-phone experience, there was BlackBerry. There was practically no alternative to it. Then came iPhone that eclipsed BlackBerry and made it look like obsolete.
But five years after the launch of first generation iPhone, things have changed completely as far as smart-phone market is concerned. Apple is no longer the only player in the market and the competition has intensified. Though Apple is trying to kill the competition by filing so many cases of patent infringements against its competitors, but it is not going to impact the dynamics of the market that has vertically changed.
Samsung has become a major player in the market posing tough challenge to Apple. Its numerous smart-phones of all size and for all segments have made it the largest vendor of smart-phones in the world. Its Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Note and then its latest iteration Note 2 have become so popular that they have been breaking one record after the other. On the other hand Nokia is trying to reinvent itself and has launched a very promising handset in Lumia 920, its first Windows Phone 8 handset.
A Taiwanese technology company HTC too has impressed tech mavens by launching many great handsets including its HTC One X and newly introduced Windows Phone 8 handset HTC 8X. Besides, Google is also increasingly becoming very effective in launching great smart-phones. Its recently introduced Nexus 4 went on to be sold out within half an hour of its launch in UK and USA. Here we take a look at top five smart-phones in the market.

Galaxy Note 2
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 has literally taken the market by storm. It is merely two months old and despite being a super sized phone with 5.5 inch display, five million units of the handsets have been sold. The Galaxy Note 2 comes with Samsung’s next-generation HD Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 to ensure the safety of your costly and great touchscreen. Though it comes with bigger display than its previous avatar, but this has not added to smart-phone or phablet’s size. Amazingly Korean technology giant has shifted from the original Note’s 16:10 aspect ratio to a 16:9 aspect ratio, which basically explains why the display resolution on the original Note is 800×1280 and the new one is 720×1280. It gives you three options when it comes to internal storage capacity. You can get a modest 16 GB model, a moderately sized 32 GB model, or a 64 GB model if you need hardcore storage for all your HD games, music, videos, and images. If that isn’t enough for you, the Note 2 allows for microSD card expansion for up to 64 GB. So, the total maximum space that you can slap onto your phone is a whopping 128 GB. It is among the best when it comes to power. The quad-core 1.6 GHz Samsung Exynos 4412 Cortex-A9 chipset and a Mali-400MP GPU power the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Coupled with 2 GB of RAM and it is as powerful as many small laptops.

Nokia Lumia 920
Finnish technology company Nokia’s latest Windows Phone 8 is another great handset.  Since its launch earlier this month Nokia has already sold 2.5 million units of this wonderful phone. Nokia has launched the smart-phone with a hope to gain ground in smartphone market. The Finnish mobile firm, which has a shrinking market share for a while, looks to become a big player in smartphone market through its association with Microsoft. The Lumia 920 is the best ever Windows Phone Nokia has ever produced. The device is attention-grabbing due to a lot of great features such as 4.7-inch 1280×768- pixel display, 8.7MP PureView-based autofocus rear camera, 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 camera, 200mAh battery and more. Nokia comes with PureMotion HD+ display and PureView camera as the outstanding features of the handset.

Apple iPhone 5
Cupertino-based Apple’s iPhone have constantly been ranked as the kings of smart-phones. Its latest iteration is no exception. Apple’s latest iteration of iPhone being called iPhone 5 is a superb smart-phone that is being sold like hot-cake since its launch less than two months ago. Everyone is unanimous that Apple’s new iPhone 5 looks great and its 4 inch display isn’t really too big. The new machine has speedier innards, thanks to a new A6 chip designed by Apple. The chip is twice as fast in terms of CPU and graphics, he said. “Not only is it a jump forward in performance, it’s 22 percent smaller.” The roomier screen of the iPhone 5, which has 40 percent more colour saturation, can be used by apps makers to provide most accurate display in the industry. Its width is just right for navigating with one’s thumb, Schiller said, to make it easy to send text messages, swipe through pages and browse the Web. Thanks to iOS 6 it offers many improvements and while it may not have some of the latest technologies, such as NFC or wireless charging, it does so many things right that it has to be considered one of the top smartphones available in the market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Korean tech company Samsung’s another handset that is top selling Android handset five months after being launched is Galaxy. In May this year, S3 was launched with a ‘huge’ 4.8 HD Super AMOLED display it seemed like an old design. But its specs, feature and light feel made people fall in love with it. The smart-phone comes with oe=ne of the most powerful processors ever installed in a smart-phone. It comes with 1.4GHz quad core Exynos SoC . Despite the fact that though Galaxy S3’s camera was not 12 MP camera as many had thought and came with merely 8MP, it has a new BIS sensor for low light shooting, which really helps to take fantastic shots in low light situations, – with no flash. Apart from these obvious changes, sticking to the 8MP camera makes everything seems quite normal. Then like other smart-phone it comes with 1GB of RAM, an overclocked Mali 400 GPU and that glorious 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen. Enough good cannot be said of the 4.8 inch display on the Galaxy S3. This is so much impressive phone that it has already sold around 35 million units within a few months of its launch and demand has been going up.
Many people have said that HTC’s latest HTC 8X is as good if not better than Nokia Lumia 920. Giving the competitor a run for its money, the HTC One X is a smartphone that goes beyond user expectations. The HTC 8X is HTC’s attempt at the Windows platform. The 8X has got good reviews, and many have praised it for its simplicity and smaller and lighter profile. The 8X is lighter and slightly thinner than Lumia 920. Even though it has none of the many enhancements that come with the 920, it is a very capable phone with top line specs, a great screen and superb construction. The 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 looks great with 720×1280 pixel resolution display. The Taiwanese Windows Phone 8 handset comes with many top features including Beats Audio with an additional amp on the headphone jack for the ultimate audio experience. I never thought much about front-facing cameras until my wife and daughters started to take lots of self-portraits to include on Facebook. HTC provides a wide angle 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera besides 8 mega pixel rear camera. So the smart-phone market is brimming with enthusiasm and competition that is certainly great for gadget fans.

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