Friday, February 8, 2013

Nokia Lumia 950

Recent hubbub about Windows Phone 8 smartphone NOKIA Lumia 920 started selling yet listed, there are Indian designer Rahul Sharma has been released on the network design Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis concept map. Seems from exposure concept map, Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis appearance inherited Lumia series has always been the American design style, the front of the Nokia Lumia 920 Atlantis square screen, with almost close to infinity screen the slim thin frame with 4.8-inch screen, mining convenient grip arc shape on the back of the fuselage for the very texture of titanium steel, it seems Rahul Sharma from texture to create different, although the appearance and not too big breakthrough, but the texture is clearly higher than the length . But it is unlikely that the exterior design and internal appearance of the concept of the short-term, Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis to formalize the original Nokia adopted and published so enjoyable Reference for Nokia Fans stem only.

Indian designer Rahul Sharma announced not only the appearance, even the internal specifications also be raised, but take for granted is for reference only friends! This concept phone Nokia Lumia 950 the Atlantis equipped with Windows Phone 8 operating system, is equipped with a 4.8 "PureMotion HD screen. The processor uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon, 2.0GHz quad-core processor, Adreno 320 GPU, and with 2GB of RAM is also equipped with up to 16 million pixels PureView photographic lenses; powerful specifications, presumably to make available today public flagship strange enough, just can not help but suspect Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis this concept, what is the ideal or fantasy?

 Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis with a 4.8-inch large screen, approaching infinity screen and the slim thin frame design, presumably to provide good video experience.

 camera lens mining central design the 1,600 megapixel PureView photographic lenses, from the display seems that Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis is still equipped with Windows Phone 8 system.

As can be seen from the Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis upper left of the screen to be able to support the use of the 4G LTE network.

 view from the side of the fuselage Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis than the Nokia Lumia 920 more slim.

Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis fuselage above configuration speaker hole with 3.5mm headphone jack.

Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis fuselage below the suspected open configuration the MicroUSB hole and cover the hole.

 Rahul Sharma also designed for the Nokia Lumia 950 Atlantis a magnetic triangular bracket, easy to read.

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