Saturday, April 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Missing FM-Radio Tuner

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Missing FM Radio Tuner, Here is the reason

This is a absolute bottom line that every latest flagship device doesn’t come with advantages targeted for each segment of the consumers, but they generally address the limited audience. Samsung’s 2013 flagship, comes with hardware upgrade over nearest rival, Samsung Galaxy S3 which launched in 2012. We have seen the traditional FM Radio on even lower-end basic mobile phones like Nokia 1100. Major segment of the users find the FM Radio on mobile phone useful, and those people can listen to the unlimited songs on the Radio. But many are disappointed after hearing the news that, Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 lacks the FM Radio, and come with ‘No FM Radio’. Why Galaxy S4 Missing FM-Radio Support?

The ways for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 are not going to smooth, and now after the device finally starting reaching the hands of consumers, they are obviously disappointed after they got to see the fact that their new device is missing FM Radio. Those who are familiar with the PCB/ motherboard of mobile phones that FM is a small chip which comes with Multiple Trim and FM-tuner gets placed on the board. Samsung could not abolish the FM Radio support, but they don’t think they’ve done something wrong. Russian website, reached the Samsung Russia, and received the following official response,ize the fact that most of the users (even me) haven’t used FM Radio on my personal Android device for a while, and some have just not used it ever. If we consider this fact, then we also get to know that over 40% people have reported as ‘Yes! We use FM Radio’. Hence, for Samsung, this is exceedingly large crowd which they decided to ignore. Samsung’s aforementioned statement seems trivial since this can impose a negative impact on the overall sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500, as the number of potential buyers will assess the ‘Missing FM Radio’ and this will force them to switch to rivals, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S3 i9300, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, and more flagship devices. We know Apple never included the FM Radio thing in their smartphones, but Samsung did it for the first time. Let’s see how it goes.
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  1. I know that. So that i finally bought HTC One and I'm PRETTY HAPPY!

  2. I'm NOT buying the S4 ONLY BECAUSE it doesn't have FM radio. :-(

  3. This is bullshit as we all know nowadays the communication chip comes bundled with Wifi,Bluetooth & FM Radio. Many carriers just decided to disable the FM Radio in order to push user to consume more data on net radio.


    Hey Samsung, what are you going to rip off the consumer next? I can give you a hint; HTC said according to their research consumer will accept the lack of removable battery if the internal battery is good to last for a day. You can try to take away the removable battery in your next Note3/S5, and I can't wait to see your sales flop.

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  5. Sony MW600 stereo bluetooth earphone with FM radio is the right companion for a Galaxy S4. :)

  6. I didnt buy Samsung S4, because here`s no FM radio. I cant lister radio by internet, because dont have many internet traffic. And when you traveling, you cent listen too..

  7. Me acabo de dar cuenta que mi s4 no tiene radio... es una decepción... 6

  8. Missing FM . Samsung will have to pay for that..

  9. Losers! best phone on the market....not without an FM radio

  10. I just found it does not support radio after a week. Really sad . I use radio a lot. Sad .... hope samsung can do something to their customer who carry mega

  11. im not happy with your offer as their is no FM.... if i was knowing it earlier i wouldnt have purchased this ....

  12. This post is great. Thank you for this post. I like this kind of people who share their knowledge with others.

  13. i am also not considering s4 since it lacks FM radio

  14. It really is disappointing that there is no FM radio... More like a culture shock! I also found out a few days after getting mine and now i have to use another device when i want to listen to the radio as my internet signal is not that great...

  15. Great summary and excellent site. Thank you for sharing your valuable info.

  16. The lack of the FM radio makes this phone incomplete and keeps me from buying it. A totally wrong decision by Samsung. I hope they will correct this mistake with Galaxy Note 3.

  17. Shame on Samsung. The missing fm radio, the pentile screen and the lack of Adobe Flash support caused me not to buy S4.

  18. For Indians FM is must if in future FM is not supported then Samsung will loose all Indian Customers Please provide FM Support ASAP.

  19. It really is disappointing that there is no FM radio. I also found out a few days after getting mine and now i have to use another device (old S2) when i want to listen to the radio as the program (the local footy) is not always streamed! Samsung - a moment of "service" truth awaits your response!

  20. Exactly! I was so disappointed with Samsung. I am an S2 user and was hoping to upgrade to the S4. But I did not buy the S4 because of the missing FM radio.

    To all the manufacturers who want to tell consumers like me what I need or don't need. Screw you. I will tell you what I need! You give it to me or I won't hand you my cash.

    The same goes to Google/LG/HTC and any others who do not want to give us removeable batteries too.

    I'll be upgrading my S2 (as always) with good old custom ROMs till a manufacturer makes a phone I find worthy.

  21. Samsung made a mistake by not having a FM radio tuner in S4. I will wait to see it in a future model or I will go to another supplier. FM radio is not only music, it's also news and keeping company. It is very important for me. I don't want to use internet for everything. I want to be able to choose.

  22. Great post and nice details about samusung glxy SIII. Now soon the S5 will release. Thanks for sharing your info.

  23. Yes, there no fm in galaxy s4 but its have internet connections. You can listen fm on internet.

  24. Get over it!
    Putting an fm tuner on a smart phone is like putting a ooga horn on a lamborghini. Baby steps forward folks, there are lots of music options available.

    1. How do i listern to the radio when i am out jogging if the 3g service is so poor i can't even do a web search.

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