Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 Best iPhone and iPad apps this week

Top Gear, Fantastical, Etsy, FxCamera, Winnie the Pooh. 

Welcome to our weekly roundup of brand new iPhone and iPad appsreleased in the last seven days, from cars, productivity apps and crafty shopping through to photography, theatre and uber-violent cartoon cats and mice.
As ever, games aren't included, because they have their own separate weekly post covering all platforms. This week's roundup included iOS games like Jet Set Radio, BattleFriends at Sea, Arcane Legends and Word Derby.
What about Android apps? They have their own weekly roundup, and you can find the latest one here. November's Windows Phone roundup will follow early next week. In the meantime, here's this week's selection of new iOS releases:

Top Gear Magazine: Aston Martin One-77 Special 

This one-off digital magazine from the Top Gear team focuses on Aston Martin's new supercar (a snip at £1.2m). Expect lots of photos, videos and information on the car's design and inner workings, as well as "a blast of its mighty 7.3-litre V12" engine. And since it's free, you'll save a few quid towards the car itself...


Lots of buzz this week around Flexibits' Fantastical, which is a smarter, whizzier version of the default iOS calendar app. That includes voice dictation, a "DayTicker" view of your daily schedule, lists of events pulled down from Facebook, and support for iCloud, Google Calendar and Exchange. If you switched to Sparrow from the iOS Mail app, this may be your next move.


Already available on iPhone, crafts website Etsy now has a fully iPad-optimised version of its app. It works for both buyers and sellers, browsing the 11m-strong catalogue and buying for the former, and listing new items and following orders for the latter.


Photography app FxCamera has been hugely popular on Android, with more than 20m downloads. It's now made the leap to iPhone, and looks to have the features to take on the established competition there. There's a range of effects, the ability to record voice messages to accompany images posted to Facebook, and other social features.

Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander 

Disney's latest iOS app for Winnie the Pooh and friends looks lovely, with a characterful visual style, and lots of playful interactivity for children to enjoy. It's less a book and more a wander around Hundred Acre Wood, tapping and swiping the scenery and characters, with additional colouring sections.
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