Sunday, December 2, 2012

Best-iPhone Games

Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead comic book series already spawned a successful TV show and so a licensed game was inevitable. The surprise here is that developer, Telltale Games, has crafted a decent release in five episodes. It features a new storyline set in the same universe and players take on the role of Lee Everett, a former history professor. If you’re looking to blow heads off with your boomstick then keep looking, rather than zombie slaying action this is all about characters, exploration, quick time events, and puzzles

Songpop iphone game app
SongPop (Free)

SongPop is a music quiz where you compete against people to guess the song that’s playing or the artist faster than they do. It’s a simple idea, but it’s great fun and fiendishly addictive. You can earn coins for wins or buy extra coins to remove some of the wrong multiple choice options or to unlock new playlists. The music is organized into various categories so you can play in a genre that you’re comfortable with. Speed is the key thing here and the faster you answer, the more points you earn, and the more likely you are to win.


Take on the role of the warrior kid and explore a range of lush environments to uncover the secrets you’ll need to rebuild the world around you. There are plenty of creatures to battle and an amazing range of weaponry to unleash on them. This is a highly polished action RPG adventure with high production values and an absorbing story mode. The visual style, music, and narration combine to create a story book feel and a memorable gaming experience.

Cut the rope iphone game app
Cut the Rope 
Is it a good idea to feed a cute little monster candy? That’s the aim of this addictive puzzler and you’ll be feeding Om Nom for more than 300 levels. This is physics-based puzzle gameplay at its finest and it’s a game for the whole family. Instantly accessible when you pick it up and very hard to put down again, you’ll find Cut the Rope is well deserving of its place in the pantheon of casual gaming.

horn iphone icon iphone ios apple app store
Cut the Rope screenshot iphone game app
You can hardly fail to be impressed by this third-person action adventure. Horn casts you as a blacksmith’s apprentice intent on unraveling a curse that has transformed everyone into mechanical creatures. The story will draw you straight in and the blend of combat and puzzle gameplay is a lot of fun. A rich fantasy world has been brought to life in Horn and it’s a polished title that’s looking to push mobile boundaries.

outwitters iphone icon iphone ios app store apple

outwitters iphone screenshot iphone ios app store appleTurn-based strategy is not a well-represented gaming niche on iOS, so Outwitters’ blend of accessible multiplayer battle is a welcome addition. You build up resources called “wits” that you can spend on moves, attacks, or new units. The basic aim is to destroy your opponent’s base. The factions are well balanced, the art style is cute, and you can play one-vs-one or two-vs-two player games. The basic game is free, but there are in-app purchases.

fieldrunners 2 iphone icon strategy game iphone ios app store

Fieldrunners 2 
fieldrunners 2 iphone screenshot iphone app store iosIt has taken a while, but the sequel to one of the most popular tower defense games ever is finally here. The original Fieldrunners helped to spawn the tower defense craze and this follow up does not mess with the basic formula. It is graphically gorgeous and highly polished with tons of satisfying gameplay to get your teeth into. If you’re a tower defense fan, this is an essential purchase.

nihilumbra iphone icon iphone app store ios puzzle game
nihilumbra iphone screenshot strategy game iphone app store iosA clever and puzzling adventure that tasks you with escaping from The Void which wants to reclaim you, Nihilumbra is original, engaging, and challenging. It looks very stylish and you’ll unlock new colors to bring life to your drab world and give you powers as you progress. It’s essentially a mixture of platform and puzzle gameplay. The story and the art really elevate this game, but be warned, it gets very tough toward the end.

Minecraft Poacket Edition for iPhone icon
Minecraft – Pocket Edition 

Minecraft Pocket Edition screenshotThe chances are good that you’ve heard about the smash hit indie sandbox game, Minecraft. It challenges you to explore, mine, construct, and survive in a series of randomly generated environments. You are free to choose how you want to play the game, which has virtually infinite replay value, but the main focus is on building. The initially disappointing iOS version has been updated in the last few months and now offers crafting, a survival mode, mobs, and a creative mode.

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