Sunday, December 2, 2012

SpellTower iPhone screenshots
An odd blend of Tetris and word search puzzles, SpellTower is extremely addictive. Letters on tiles fall from the top of the screen and you have to find words to clear them away. The longer the words you find, and the rarer the letters you use, the more tiles you’ll eliminate. The aim is simple: stop the letters from reaching the top of the screen. The local multiplayer mode is a great addition.

Total War Battles: Shogun iPhone icon
Total War Battles: Shogun 

Total War Battles: Shogun iPhone screenshot
Real time strategy addicts are not well served on the iPhone but Total War Battles aims to change that. This is a gorgeous game with stylized Japanese artwork and fluid animations. You must guide your clan through a series of battles on hex-based maps. Basic resource management is thrown into the mix with the same split between the turn-based management and the real-time battles as you find in the PC games. Naturally, this is simplified and scaled down by comparison but there’s plenty on offer to get strategists frothing at the mouth.

Amazing Breaker 

Amazing Breaker iPhone
If you’re a fan of addictive and challenging puzzle games then check out Amazing Breaker. The goal of the game is to blast the various ice structures with bombs from your launcher. Each blast takes away bits of ice, leaving tiny shards behind. The fewer amounts of shards left over at the end of each round, the better your score. With over 80 levels and full high-resolution retina display graphics – Amazing Breaker is one of those games that is easy to learn but hard to master.


Temple Run

This addictive game has you running from a pack of gorillas as fast as possible through a temple-like obstacle course. You must make quick turns, jump over logs and bridges, slide underneath rings of fire, collect gold coins and make it as far as you can without getting trampled by the gorillas or meeting your death from a fall or smack in the face. This one’s good for adrenaline junkies and those who like a good race.



This skiing game is addictive thanks to the difficulty of getting the slopes just right. It’s a simple game where all you have to do is press your finger to the screen when you want to crouch (going into a downhill slope) or not. The slopes make for tricky timing and you must get to a certain height jump before making it to the next level. 


Epoch iPhone App
This newly released action game has you controlling a robot as it struggles to survive a post-apocalyptic world where humans are no longer around and robots live to fight a never-ending war. The game utilizes a unique cover system and features stunning visuals not typically matched on mobile devices. Endless customization awaits you as you configure your robot with salvaged parts and battle waves of robots in arena-style action.

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja 

Fruit Ninja
Like Angry Birds, this action game is extremely simple but extraordinarily addictive. Users swipe a finger across the screen to slice fruit as it flies across the screen. Miss slicing one too many and you’re out. Slice multiple pieces of fruit with one swipe for combination points and watch out for flying bombs, which will kill you and your score in an instant. The game features classic and arcade modes as well as multiplayer for Game Center-enabled devices. Turn the sound up because, trust us, hearing your fruit be slashed and splattered is the best part.

Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies 

Plants vs. Zombies iPhone
The much-loved tower defense game that started out as a hit on PC is now available for the iPhone, to the relief of countless fans. Users must defend their homes against hoards of angry zombies attempting an invasion. Planting a variety of zombie-zapping plants will fend off the walking dead, and the more zombies you kill the more plants you can get to defend your home. The game has 50 different levels that feature different scenes and backgrounds. The game stays interesting thanks to the variety of zombies with special skills and tricks.

Sparkle the Game

Sparkle the Game 

This action puzzle game puts speed and accuracy to the test as users shoot orbs into a constantly moving line, hoping to make them disappear fast enough that they don’t fall into the dreaded abyss. Users tap the screen where they want to shoot orbs; match three orbs of the same color to make them disappear. Three game modes, different scene locations, and hidden bonuses and secrets keep the action fun. The game is simple in concept, but the entertainment will last hours.

Bejeweled 2
Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2
This addictive game is one of the top paid apps of all time, and for good reason. The puzzle game challenges users to match sparkling jewels to get points to get to the next level. The premise is simple but the fun of beating each level is addicting. Different modes allow for intense or relaxed play, and new Facebook integration allows users to challenge their friends to a match.


Where’s My Water? 

This extremely popular game revolves around an alligator named Swampy who is desperate to take a nice hot shower. To get the water to him, you must cut through rock in just the right places, avoid obstacles, and figure out the puzzle in time before Swampy starts to shiver. The game has over 200 levels and is surprisingly fun and addictive, despite the game’s strange initial premise.

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