Sunday, March 31, 2013

New iPhone 6 Concept

For the most part, iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 6 concept designs are based on fantasy.  They are inspired by existing rumors and speculation or, in many cases, the designer’s own ideas or “wish lists”, or how he or she wants the next iPhone to be.  But what if the concept design was based on something from Apple’s own collection of approved patents?
New iPhone 6 Concept Teased Through New Patently Apple Report
  Leave it to Patently Apple, arguably one of the most interesting Apple-related sites in the tech blogosphere, to showcase how the iPhone 6 may look like with glass wrapping around the device’s display, not to mention at the back and on the sides.  A new patent, probably one of the most interesting in ages, shows how Apple could potentially use flexible display technology in its next-generation handsets.
The schematic published on Patently Appleshows an iPhone whose features suggest a larger display, hence the possibility that the device depicted is an iPhone 6, rather than the iPhone 5S which many expect to retain a 4-inch display.  There are five icons located on the dock, and the phone on the schematic doesn’t have a home button – this is consistent with rumors suggesting Apple would eschew the home button on its 2014 iPhone release.  Volume controls, normally found on the right side of the iPhone, are also gone and replaced with virtual controls.  Users would apparently be able to mute the device through multi-touch gestures.
What really piques the interest of many is the “two flexible displays in one” concept that would make the iPhone 6 show one or both sets of information on both screens.  Now it could take a little bit of imagination to figure out how these screens are going to work, but since users would not be able to view the second screen, some have speculated that this could be used to display advertisementswhile a user is operating an app or a game.  Another way the wraparound flexible display feature could be used, as shown on the patent, would be viewing videos or photos, 3D content included in a loop.

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