Friday, March 29, 2013

US - Cellular GALAXY S 4 pre-orders confirmed for April 16 2013

Another of the US carriers have announced when the GALAXY S 4 pre-orders would be available. This latest is coming from US Cellular and they of course, join in alongside AT&T. While we still need details from several other carriers, these dates do appear to be lining up. US Cellular has announced April 16 as the day GALAXY S 4 pre-orders will be available. For those keeping track, that is the same date with AT&T.
Unlike AT&T though, US Cellular has yet to announce any pricing. We can hope that they will have the handset priced lower than $250, but right now that has yet to be announced. The other key item is the shipping date. Neither AT&T or US Cellular have said anything on the topic. Otherwise, the US Cellular GALAXY S 4 page is similar to AT&T in that they are both teaser style pages.
Aside from the mention of a pre-order date, US Cellular is using the GALAXY S 4 page to highlight their $40 per month (per line) unlimited LTE data plan. The other part that is of interest are the points US Cellular is using to promote the GALAXY S 4. They have is listed as the “phone that gets to know you.”
They are showing features such as SmartScroll and have a bit about how you can turn your phone into a TV remote control. We can imagine some using the remote control feature, however SmartScroll seems like a feature that will sound great to many, but get used by few. The teasers on the US Cellular page also then have one that makes sense — the camera, and a bit about how you will be able to “take photos you’ll never believe came from a smartphone.” That one, that could possibly sell a few handsets.

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