Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1000

Nokia Lumia 1000 Concept
Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia was said to have been granted a patent for a smartphone design filed back in 2011, and a concept phone that appears to have been built based on it has already emerged online, in the form of Nokia Lumia 1000. 
Nokia Lumia 1000 Concept

Coming from Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, the smartphone borrows many design elements from some of the recently leaked Nokia devices, and is being presented in yellow and blue colors, though no specific info on hardware specs has been provided. 

In fact, concept-phones claims that both the device and the design patent are only concepts, both coming from the same designer, and that Nokia might never plan on releasing an actual Windows Phone device that would look like this. 

Nokia Lumia 1000 Concept

All in all, the concept phone looks quite appealing, and might actually attract a lot of users should it ever turn into a commercial product.

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