Saturday, March 23, 2013

Samsung Wave GT-68500’s

Godlike Graphics

samsung_wave If there is one thing Samsung is good at, it is their displays. Producing stunning displays with vivid, life-like images are their forté evenin the LED TVs and 3D TVs as well as their handphones. The Samsung Wave GT-68500’s 3.3-inch Super AMOLED display is a capacitive touchscreen with brilliant colours that looks good in bright sunlight conditions and even better in lowlight conditions. The screen was very responsive; fast tactile feedback and smoother than other touchscreen phones. Directly below the impressive display is a set of three buttons, a Call button, a diamond-shaped Menu button and End/Power button. You can find a front-facing camera on the upper right of the display so you can make video calls on the phone. On the right, there is a screen lock button and dedicated camera key. The left of the phone houses just one button, a slim volume rocker. A micro- USB port with a slider door, 3.5mm microphone jack and speaker grille is located at the top of the phone while on the back is a beautiful brushed aluminium battery cover with diamond-shaped cut-out LED flash and camera lens. The phone is running on a snappy 1GHz processor with Samsung’s proprietary Bada OS making a debut into the ever competitive OS scene. You can set up to ten different homescreens on the phone with a plethora of widgets. By pressing the diamond-shaped Menu button, you can perform multitasking (take that, iPhone!). Placed across the top of the display is the notification strip with connection information, battery life, time and profile. Slide your finger down the strip and you get a window of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Silent On/Off switches. This is reminiscent of lent Android’s pull-down window feature. Samsung has jumped on the open source bandwagon with Samsung Apps, an apps store of sorts for downloads. The Wave also features a proximity sensor so that when your phone rings when you’re in a meeting, you can just overturn it to silence the ringer just like HTC’s technology. The camera is one of the best I’ve ever seen with HD recording, a class above the rest and better than Sony Ericsson Vivaz’s. Like the iPhone, the menu increases its pages as you add more apps on it and the layout is pretty similar. Battery life on the phone beats most of the phones hands-down with half of the battery bar still remaining after three days. Overall, Samsung did not fail to deliver with its first Super AMOLED display Bada-powered phone but the OS bears some resemblance to other OSes out there.Samsung Wave GT-68500

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