Monday, March 25, 2013

Vibrating iPad 5 and iPhone 5S Coming Soon

Apple is well and truly stacking up thepatents with a good 48 more granted last week alone, with one of the most promising of all also being one of the most seemingly obvious. Indeed, this time around we might at long last be looking at an iPad 5 that features vibration functionality, as is already pretty much mandatory in the Smartphone world.
Vibrating iPad 5 and iPhone 5S Coming Soon? – Apple Raking in the Patents
Now, you might argue that it isn’t really the be all and end all for an iPad to vibrate in order to communicate a notification, but technically speaking it doesn’t seem like a lot to ask of a top-tier tablet. This goes especially so for the iPad Mini 2, which is by rights not far off what’s considered pocket-sized in the mobile tech market of 2013 and thus could really do with a physical means of alerting users to notifications.The news follow prior patent filing reports which confirm that Apple is looking to make huge advances in iPhone protection for new-generation products, by installing various countermeasures to ensure devices do not land on their most sensitive areas – i.e. their screens. While one patent application discusses the idea of an iPhone releasing something of a spoiler to change its trajectory mid-fall, another talks of compressed gas jetting out to correct its orientation and protect the screen.
Both are at this stage, it has to be said, as hard to visualize as each other – just imagine the hilarity of iPhone 6 gas canisters misfiring during use.
What’s abundantly clear however is that Apple is by rights making every effort to once again innovate its way back to the top of the pecking order, after having been to a large extent beaten into the found by various Android rivals. There is incredible pressure on the likes of the iPad 5 and the iPhone 5S not only to perform, but to deliver the ‘wow’ factor we really haven’t been given by Apple for some time

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