Friday, February 22, 2013

Google Chromebook Pixel photos 2013

With the release of its Chromebook Pixel, Google has finally signed up to be a contender in the laptop race. And the Pixel seems like a gorgeous creation coupled with an innovative promise for consumers.
"With the Pixel, we set out to rethink all elements of a computer in order to design the best laptop possible, especially for power users who have fully embraced the cloud," said Google in a statement to iMore. "The goal of Pixel is to make the pixels disappear, giving people the best web experience."
But the questions, comparing it to one of the biggest rivals that's reported to come by Q3 of this year, does the Pixel stand a chance?
One of its finest points, Digital Trends reports that the Pixel boasts 4.3 million pixel display, the highest in any laptop in the market, along with a 2560 x 1700 resolution.
For now, the Apple MacBook Air is yet to compete in terms of resolution, as it currently has a pixel density of 130 PPI, compared to Pixel's 239 PPI. But even when the Retina displays come out, 3News reports that Pixel's is still one to beat.
Kudos to Google for trying to up the market when Apple's planned MacBook Pro with Retina is slated to come out at the third quarter of this year, and, as CNet reports, may be priced at $1,500.
Looks and build
The Pixel is currently offering the 12.85-inch screen model that has a 4G LTE variation. What's more you're looking at 12.85 inches of touch screen.
Although CNET reports that the touch screen functions are only limited to clickable links online, there is a big chance that this function will change to adapt to the touch screen times.
Reports state that the MacBook Pro Retina is looking to release an 11-inch and a 13-inch display. And given Apple's veering away from touch screen laptops, as per 3News' report, this feature may be a development that Google can own in the meantime.
The Pixel features a 4GB of memory and a 32GB SSD for the Wi-Fi version and 64GB SSD for the LTE version. The build is solidly high-end and refined even at 3.3 pounds.
These limitations are not without basis, considering how Google has already claimed that the Pixel is really more suited for those who are more hooked on the cloud. This is exhibited by the three years' worth of free 1TB cloud storage in Google Drive, reports CNet.
As for the Apple's Retina, you're looking at a 2.6 GHz Core i5, 8 GB of memory, a MagSafe 2 power connector, 2 Thunderbolt ports, and a headphone jack. 2 USB 3.0 ports, and an SDXD card slot, reports MacWorld.
Price tag
At $1,299 for the Wi-Fi version and $1,499 for the 4G LTE version, a new-and even Google's first!-laptop like Pixel, along with its ChromeOS poses too much of a risk for the common buyer, even if the model is meant to be a premium one.
But according to TechCrunch, this has been a common trend for Google. When it first came out with the Nexus One, it reportedly sold at $529, dooming the product before it even got to the shelves.
Of course, this isn't to say that the Retina MacBook will sell for less, with speculated prices going as far as $1,699 for the 13-inch version, according to MacWorld.

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