Sunday, February 24, 2013

What will you choose -1. Apple iWatch, 2. Google Glasses

Apple reportedly developing iWatch, "smart" clock that will transmit information from the iPhone on your wrist. Google again for sure work on "smart glasses" which miniature of glass in front of the right eye will be able to display information.
The battle is between so-called "carrying devices" (wearable devices) koj could soon be used as a phrase. Both devices which prepare the companies quite certain that when you are on the market and will become available for all, will change the way you interact with the Internet and with each other via mobile networks.
And iWatch and Google Goggles are worn on the body, places where today's popular devices are not worn. This, according to many analysts, is "unconquered territory."
Apple's new clock speak for several months, and he wrote and respectable magazines like New York Times and Wall Street Journal. iWatch should be "clock" as much as e iPhone "phone".
According to the latest information at Apple's headquarters in California for a while things develop device with curved glass that looks like a wristwatch and has the power of Apple's iOS platform. Will connect to the iPhone in your pocket, probably via Bluetooth, and the glass will be displayed in text messages, notes, e-mail, photos, videos ... everything you normally see on the screen of the iPhone, just when you get iWatch is no need to remove your iPhone from his pocket.
In addition, we expect NFC chip that will be embedded in the iWatch, which will allow us to pay or mobile digital assistant Siri, who will communicate through small speakers built into the clock.

On the other hand, surely you have already heard about Google's "smart glasses" which the company announced that it will hit the market late in 2013. As iWatch, and Google Goggles will allow "eyes" can have several different applications such as checking your smart phone, e-mail, text messaging, navigation, maps ... They will be displayed as a thumbnail of the screen in front part of the eye. Google screen he intends to bring a multitude of things that will be displayed within your peripheral vision. Software that will perform the work on display, of course is Android.Pokraj, glasses will obviously recognize speech. For example, if you want to report the location of Google +, it will simply say your glasses.
Well, what would you like to have? Do you need a futuristic glasses that will see the world with different eyes or something efekteno as iWatcha that would be a great addition to your iPhone?

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