Thursday, February 28, 2013

Windows Phone 7.8 - Roll Out Grinds to a Halt 2013

Anyone hoping to get an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 in the near future could be disappointed, as the roll-out of updates has reportedly come to a halt.
According to WP-centric website WMPowerUser, Vodafone’s German arm has confirmed that upgrades have stopped until further notice. The company’s support staff has said that a date has been set for the roll-out to begin again, but are not revealing when that date is.
Windows Phone 7.8 brings several features seen in Windows Phone 8 to users of handsets with the older WP7 OS. Most recognisable are the resizeable Live Tiles which form one of the most distinctive features of WP8 and can be seen on leading handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 920.
Data collected by Windows Phone developers’ advertising network Adduplex suggests that so far only 16% of users have received the upgrade to the new version of Microsoft’s mobile platform.
Speculation has arisen about the reasons for the delay, with some commentators suggesting that problems with Live Tiles consuming too much data and not updating correctly could be to blame.

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