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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 - in 2013

Read iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 comparison of the world's best smartphones by Apple and Samsung respectively, both with 2013 released dates.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming out in first quarter of 2013 with 4.99-inches Full HD Super AMOLED display, 13 megapixel Camera, 2.0 GHZ processor running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.
Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be released in last quarter, most probably in October 2013, with screen larger than 4 inches mounted under Magic Morphing Chassis, 12 megapixel Camera, Voice Service Hotspots, Apple iOS7 running on A7 chip.
However, before we move further to Apple iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Samsung in 2013, let's do not overlook another possibility of Apple iPhone 5s in mid 2013.
2013: iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Comparison
The tech world will never cease to be a buzz of rumor even with iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are still ripe in the market and commanding a huge amount of sale all over the world. The rumor mill now revolves around iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 in 2013, on the fact that Apple and Samsung will introduce their new products of iPhone 6 & Galaxy S4 into the market. Smartphones Specs and features have always been on the roll since the first Smartphone hit the market thus new model upgrades to Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are sure to come. So let's compare iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 specs and features to have an idea before hand:

Design, Look and Feel
In Galaxy S3 design, plastic is used to keep handset light weight, but gives it a nice toy feel, rather than a premium gadget look. Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to step it up in the design stakes.
Apple on the other hand, along with an edge to edge screen, is expected to offer major design face lift to its 6th Generation iPhones, including a Magic Morphing Chassis to make camera lens, flash, fingerprint scanner and other sensors invisible to human eye, resulting a new iPhone 6 as one continuous slab of uninterrupted beauty.

Galaxy S4 HD Super AMOLED Display
Samsung Galaxy S4 will debt with 4.99 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display, within same size and dimensions. 
There are number of rumors about Flexible AMOLED display to be shipped with Samsung Galaxy S4.
But given that Samsung is already pushing the delivery of Flexible AMOLED display technology back for its customers. It could be shipped with Galaxy S5 or most probably with some totally new series of smartphones, but with S4 Galaxy its is not to be likely.
iPhone 6 Curved p-Si Display
A more sleeker look is thought to be on the offing in terms of iPhone 5 and instead of adding on its width it is rumored that it would be a bit long. A curved screen design that incorporates the new p-Si LCD is also highly rumored to be a possibility with the new iPhone. The p-SI technology essentially means that driver circuits powering the display would be integrated into the display resulting in a much lighter and thinner device that consumes less power.
 12MP Cameras
It is highly thought that Samsung want to incorporate a rear 13MP camera that would be able to shrug competition from the other smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S4 would also come with a 1080p video capability with a significant improvement in its sound quality. 
Apple iPhone 6 will also cross the 12MP threshold with its camera, unsurprising as high-resolution images have always been a hallmark of Apple's products. This would be highly essential in according one with the privilege of taking high resolute photos with utmost clarity and vividness.
Apple A7 vs Samsung Quad-core Processor
Samsung Galaxy S4 features 2.0 GHZ Exynos 5450 chipset processor, that will be essential in guaranteeing perfect graphics and utmost speeds. 
With sixth generation iPhones, Apple is expected to roll out A7 processing chip, thought to be better than the ubiquitous Quard-core processors.
Near Field Communication
The Near Field Communication technology was rumored to be coming with iPhone 5 but never materialized. Apple would do iPhone 6 lots of justice if they incorporate it in it as it would enable people to pay for their purchased items via their phones. There are strong news that Samsung Galaxy S4 will include LTE and NFC.

Galaxy S4 S-Voice vs Apple Siri next generation AI Assistants
When compared to Apple Siri, Samsung S-voice does not show the same abilities and sophistication. With Galaxy S4 is released, S-Voice is expected to be a voice recognition program that is much more advanced and sophisticated. Galaxy S-voice is expected to be a program that is capable of taking hundreds of commands and also gives directions and forecasts weather.
In the meanwhile, Apple in iOS7 is trying to take Siri to the next level, from merely an Information Assistant to Artificial Intelligence program that is capable of taking action. When asked for movie times, Siri pulls up a cinema marquee. Currently, Siri has the ability to check movie times but cannot make purchases. The next update will enable it to take actions like buying a movie tickets by just talking to Siri. To work, new Siri features may require additional Apps to be installed to complete the task successfully, like 'Fandango' that will place the movie tickets buying orders.
Galaxy S4 Beam vs iPhone 6 Projector
Samsung may be setting up its Galaxy Beam smartphone as an individual entity but many likes the ability to be able to beam stuff straight from Galaxy S4 onto a wall and truly show off the Quad-core and Super HD capabilities.
Apple, on the other hand is also rumored to be coming up with a projector in the new iPhone 6 that would essentially allow one to project photos and videos on nearby flat surfaces.

Wireless Charging Support
WiTricity or wireless electricity is such a radical opportunity, which no technology appliance manufacturer can afford to miss. Wireless charging is one of the features that technology fanatics have been crying aloud about.
The innovation and out of the box thinking that was once a the soul of Apple products is being used by Korean Samsung. It seems that Samsung will take the lead to incorporate Wireless Charging Support in Galaxy S4 that would also be charged kinetically. HTC has also hinted to invest into wireless charging for their smartphones line.
Apple didn't included Wireless Charging in iPhone 5th Generation for the fears that it could actually complicate things for the end user, told by Apple Vice President, Phil Schiller. Apple is expected to follow the same reasons for iPhone 6 too and keep working with Bosch and other manufacturer to make more compatible accessories for its new lightning connector.

Galaxy S4 3300mAh vs iPhone 6 ORB Battery
A larger battery capacity would also be a must so that both of the champion smartphones are able to cater for all the power requirements that come with increment in features.
Samsung Galaxy S2 had 1650mAh battery which was enough, Galaxy S3 with 2100mAh blows that out of the water. But with Samsung Galaxy S4 a 3300mAh power pack battery is essential, which Motorola RAZR Maxx has already made possible. The is a secondary advantage expected to come from the power usage optimization in Android Jelly Beans operating system.
iPhone 6th Generation might be the first to switch from Lithium Ion batteries to organic radical battery (ORB) technology. ORB is not only green technology but also boasts an absurdly fast recharge time (about 30 seconds) and higher energy density (will be able to pack more power into a smaller battery).
Google Android 5 vs Apple iOS 7
Samsung Galaxy S4 will run latest Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system. Which includes features like Performance Profiles, Better multiple device support, Enhanced social network support, Built-in swype input, video chat, contacts Multi-select, Cross-device SMS sync and many others
Apple is sure to come up with a new operating software for their new iPhone and it is a high possibility that iPhone 6 may run on a new iOS 7, which is major release, bringing more than 15 new amazing features to your Apple's mobile operating system.

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Prices in 2013
With 2012 coming to a close it is just a matter of time before this two devices hit the market. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in US and Canada is expected to be per-ordered around $800. Apple iPhone 6 Price is expected to cost around $649 and $849 for a factory unlocked iPhone 6th Generation device. 

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Samsung Final Words
Samsung Galaxy S4 information gives the impression of a very solid, sleek and stylish Smartphone, much better than its predecessor Galaxy S3. Apple on the other hand has always been known of being highly perfect in shunning competition with exquisite products; it would not be a surprise to see a stunning product in the name of iPhone 6.
In the meantime we would like to hear your thoughts about your favorite in iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 match. What would you like to see featured on either Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4? Do you think the features we have discussed above are realistic, or we have missed something? Let us know your comments on this.


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