Thursday, March 14, 2013

New York ready for Samsung Unpacked - 2013

New York ready for Samsung Unpacked
Times Square and Radio City are fully Samsung-ed ahead of the Galaxy S4 launch tonight
Tonight at 11pm UK time (7pm US Eastern time), Samsung's massive Unpacked event kicks off in style, at Radio City, NYC. We'll be there reporting and tweeting live, but the city is already set for what is bound to be the biggest smartphone launch of 2013.

Everywhere you look in Times Square, you're bombarded by the number four - a not very subtle hint at what Samsung is showing off to the world tonight. Only LG managed to muscle its way in too, with a just-as-subtle dig to promote its Optimus G mobile.

Samsung UnpackedSamsung Unpacked

And here's where it's all kicking off tonight...

Samsung Unpacked

You can check out more photos over on our Facebook page, and don't forget our full Galaxy S4 rumour round-up. Our hands-on preview will be going live just before midnight if you can wait up that long, and if you're as excited as us, that shouldn't be a problem!

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