Thursday, March 21, 2013

The iPhone tops J.D. Power satisfaction rankings - again 2013

Apple's iPhone satisfaction streak is alive and well.
J.D. Power and Associates today released its rankings of the most popular smartphone vendors. And for the ninth-consecutive time, Apple took the top spot with a score of 855 out of 1,000. Back in September, when J.D. Power last conducted a study on smartphone customer satisfaction, Apple scored 849.
The second-place smartphone vendor in the latest J.D. Power survey was Nokia, scoring a 795. Samsung came in a close third at 793, followed by Motorola and HTC with 792 and 790, respectively. The average vendor score was a 796 -- a far cry from BlackBerry's lowly 732.
In addition to smartphone rankings, J.D. Power gleaned some interest information from smartphone customers, discovering that 17 percent of them have experienced a software or hardware malfunction. Those folks also spend an average of 115 minutes per week using social-networking apps on their devices.J.D. Power's findings are based on customer experiences with specific products. In this case, customers said that smartphone performance was their most important metric, followed by a device's design and features. Ease of operation was also important in their evaluations.
One other tidbit from the J.D. Power survey: among traditional mobile phones, LG was the leading vendor with a score of 719. Nokia came in second place with a score of 714

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