Saturday, February 16, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Vs IPhone 5 Test Speed

BlackBerry 10 VS iPhone 5

At the beginning of this year in prediction will be on release in early 2013 by official company RIM and BlackBerry 10 will become the mainstay. And you should see the speed and visual from W 10. And you can already see evidence of handsets that feature given that of the prototype BB Dev 10 Alpha. In this visual you can choose and can tell the difference by looking at a video from Youtube by comparing with Smartphone from Apple’s Iphone 5 OS based Smartphone with Microsoft IE 8 x HTC.
This you see this Video you will be able to see the Visual from BlackBerry from RIM product THIS BB10 have since been released the first display that specifically circulating in newspapers in London the BlackBerry seems to make-make a work that was more fresh. RIM BlackBerry 10  DEV Alpha  represented this time  who has become common. This time we will compare with HTC 8 x  and  with the iphone 5 .
Operating system the latest in design from scratch to BB 10 will I discussed this time you can see the speed on this video from Youtube  and we will compare the HTC 8 x and Iphone 5. And the most shocking  BlackBerry 10 can offset the capabilities of each product. Given RIM for BlackBerry 10 product times this is not useless, we will say that the operating system looks pretty good so far. If your mind is in progress on the BlackBerry smartphone and 10 new design? Look at the speed test below and let us know if you think RIM has a chance of success in 2013 with the changing image of the Smartphone they will be able to repeat success  on as of 2007.

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