There's been a huge amount of speculation surrounding the next iteration of iPhone, with many suggesting Apple will release an incremental upgrade to the iPhone 5 instead of going the whole hog with the iPhone 6.
The 14 images picked up by Chinese site SJBBS appear to show a handset which looks very similar to that of the iPhone 5, which further boosts thinking that the 5S is on the cards.

Can you feel it?

iPhone 5S - LEAK
Credit: SJBBS
With no distinguishing features to separate the front plate snaps from the current leader in the iPhone range, people have been taking a closer look at the pictures displaying the components inside the device.
Apparently the handset in the picture uses a different rotational motor, which makes the phone vibrate, to the one found in the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5S - LEAK

Some people had complained that the vibration on the iPhone 5 was noisier that on its predecessors, so Apple may be addressing this with its next smartphone.
Of course we're taking all these pictures with a hefty dosage of salt as it's not the first time we've seen factory leaks claiming to be an Apple product, only to turn out to be fakes.