Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Iphone 6 Display

iphone 6

And according to news that the company will start circulating Aplle introduces their new Smartphone in 2013. The generation of Iphone i.e. iphone 4 using IOS7design of the iPhone 6 display concept.
Many potential buyers  in the design of the iPhone 6 display concept. For some of you, the workshop of the screen was odd – “seems strange,” said nebulaoperator – and for others it was simply not enough. Lions87 a recognizes even 4.5 inches would be: ‘ popular phones like the Galaxy S2 and S3 have shown that people are very happy to accept a larger than that currently offers the iPhone 5 today.

iphone 6
Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, the journalist influential technology Andy Ihnatko suggested that not necessarily better workshop. “The advantage of larger screens is almost entirely in its greatest width, not length,” writes. A wider keyboard is easier to write on. Books, web pages and emails will wider margins and more comfortable to read”. John Gruber of Daring Fireball accepts that not more is always better, but this is not a fan of wider, more: saying that ‘ navigate all over the screen while holding the iPhone in one hand, it is worse “, most rival screens mean ‘ is really much more difficult to do something about them, with one hand, including the drafting.
The news circulating that Apple will be launching a new product, namely smartphone apple Iphone 6  type. And will be equipped with dual-core processor-so when wan to change the chip be quad-core Apple Chipest A7 with GPU PowerVR SGX 543MP3, and add the 1 GB RAM completeness capacity and will use the latest OS from Apple  IOS 6.

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