Friday, February 15, 2013

News - Unknown Nokia Lumia device appears in ad for Dutch carrier

Mystery Nokia Lumia KPN ad
Grab your deerstalker and get ready to do your best Sherlock Holmes impression, friends, because it's time for an early morning mystery. The folks at MyNokiaBlog have spotted an unknown Nokia Lumia device in a new commercial for Dutch carrier KPN. The ad is for the Lumia 920, but at around the 5 second mark, a girl is shown using a yellow Lumia that's definitely not Nokia's current Windows Phone flagship. As Engadget notes, the device looks a bit like the Lumia 822 for Verizon, but this mystery phone has a different headphone jack placement and also features edges that are more curved than those found on the 822. The girl is shown brandishing an actual Lumia 920 later on in the clip.
So just what are we looking at? We won't know for sure until Nokia or KPN issue some sort of statement or announce a new product that looks like the one shown in this ad. However, it's possible that this is a new Lumia model that's yet to be introduced. Two new Nokia handsets, referred to as the 520 and 720, were recently found in an Indonesian regulatory filing, so this may be one of those models. There's also a chance that this is just some dummy unit used by KPN for the ad, but it seems strange that the operator would do that rather than just use the actual Lumia 920 like it does later in the clip. The good news is that if Nokia does have a new phone or two up its sleeve, Mobile World Congress would be a good time to show it, so it may not be long before this whole mystery is solved. Until then, the ad is available below and ready to be examined. Maybe enhancing it a few times would help?

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