Friday, April 26, 2013

Best rugged and mobile Samsung XCover Extreme

Are you the kind of gadget lover that tends to get wet and dirty on the weekends? Does your iPad travel with you when you go hiking and camping? Have you ruined a smartphone with dust and water?

Most technology is designed with a sedentary lifestyle in mind, but if you prefer to be active, there are a few products to look out for. Rugged products can weather a downpour, a sandstorm and a drop from a height, far better than non-rugged models. However, you do tend to trade-off power and performance when you choose a rugged phone, and tough computers can be expensive, but at least you can rely on to still work when you do finally get them home.
Samsung X-Cover Extreme
Samsung's rugged X-cover should survive most outdoor activities, with an IP Rating of 67. It is a bit underpowered for an Android smartphone though, with only a single-core 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM.
This model is difficult to find in Australia, with none of the major telcos ranging it. Strangely, Optus offers the X-Cover on a business plan only. But if you're keen on this model, you can pick it up through an online store, like MobiCity.

IP rating
The ingress protection (IP) rating is a universally recognised system for determining how rugged particular machinery is. The rating is a double-digit figure, where the first figure indicates solid particle protection, like dirt and dust, and the second number is for liquids.
Most rugged smartphones, for example, have an IP rating of 57. When you compared this will the chart of protection, this indicates that the phone will survive being immersed in up to 1-metre of water and is strongly dust resistant, but not absolutely protected.
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