Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disqus Partners - Help Publishers Authenticate and Engage Audiences Online 2013


Disqus refers to itself as the web’s “community of communities” and the largest discussion platform of its kind.  The company’s massive and distributed network enables users to create a single login profile to join discussions on millions of sites that have installed Disqus.

Disqus was looking for a technology partner to help publishers collect and organize valuable user profile information to enhance and develop their registered audience base.  The company joined the Janrain Fusion Partner Program to make it easier for publishers to create personalized and targeted content for visitors based on a user’s declared interests and demographics.
Ro Gupta, vice president of business development for Disqus, believes that this integration is extremely compelling for publishers who want to develop deep relationships with their most engaged audience – those that consume content and participate in discussions. It allows the publisher to verify the user and gather key information about preferences, which in turn gives the user a better, more personalized experience on the publisher site.
Gupta knew Janrain specialized in user management, which Disqus wanted to enrich based on keen publisher interest to capture and verify more user data.  He views this partnership as a great example of two industry leaders working together to tangibly increase the value of online engagement.

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