Monday, April 22, 2013

LG Reveals - What to Expect at Next Week’s

There’s still no mention of any carrier that might be sharing the stage with LG, but FCC documents have revealed what looks like the Optimus G Pro getting ready for operation on AT&T’s bands.
Just under a week ago, LG distributed save-the-dates for an upcoming New York City event. It invited us to “share the genius” with the company, but offered little in the way of insight as to just what it might have to show off. Based on nothing more than the timing of it all, we wondered if LG might be preparing to share news of the US launch of the Optimus G Pro. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but today LG has some more detailed invitations going out, which confirm that the Optimus G Pro will be taking the spotlight.
The Optimus G Pro may not have the looks (or the pocketability) of the HTC One, nor the clout of the Galaxy S 4, but we found it to be a respectable enough Android with some good features that may make it worth a closer inspection. Especially if you’re a fan of larger-screened phablets, and could care less about a stylus, the G Pro could be something you’ll want to check out next month.

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