Monday, April 29, 2013

Galaxy Note III Design Still Up in The Air - 2013

Over the weekend, we ran a story about a Galaxy Note III prototype, which has since turned out to be fake, which is hardly surprising really. SamMobile are back with what they claim to be more information on the Galaxy Note III. Apparently, they’ve been passed an update which contains details on the design of the Galaxy Note III. They’re claiming that there are three types of prototype being tested by Samsung right now.
One of them is, of course, very similar to that of the Galaxy S 4, which is the path that they’ve taken with every Galaxy Note smartphone since the original. That would keep the two lines very close together in terms of branding but, with the Galaxy S growing again this year, is that what Samsung wants? Isn’t it about time for the Note line to stand outside of the Galaxy S’s shadow?
The second design is a completely new design that SamMobile were unable to comment about. A new design for the Note III would certainly help to make the device stand out and could give those uncertain of size reason to take a look. Who knows what this new design could be but, having the Note III look different to the Galaxy S IV can’t be a bad thing, surely?
Thirdly, there are rumors of a flexible-display packing Note III, specifically Samsung’s flexible AMOLED display tech that they showed off this year at CES 2013, it seems a little unlikely that it will be ready for mass-production come this fall but, stranger things have happened.
Again, these are just rumors and Samsung could be up to absolutely anything when it comes to the Note III but, we wouldn’t be surprised if they just went with the same sort of design as the Galaxy S 4, as Samsung have finally understood that a unified design language is a good marketing strategy. What do you think? Should the Note III become something different?


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