Thursday, April 25, 2013

The iPad death watch -2013

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Celebrating the three-year anniversary of Apple's tablet computer.

"Behold the Apple iFlop" wasTheStreet's headline. Bill Gates declared it not quite there yet. Paul Thurrott called it "a high priced, unnecessary trinket." Dan Lyons was let down. Eric Schmidt couldn't see the difference between a tablet and a large phone. John Dvorak couldn't see anyone under 30 ever wanting one.
And those were some of the nicer things the early critics had to say about Apple's (AAPL) iPad, which launched three years ago today.
The quotes come from the collection ofAAPLInvestor's Terry Gregory, whose tribute to anti-iPad fatuousness has grown since the last time we visited from a couple dozen quotes to 234 items, each annotated with names, dates and live links.
Gregory's iPad Death Watch would be a trip down memory lane, except that the naysaying never seems to stop.

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