Sunday, April 21, 2013

iPhone 6 - Concept Design Transparent Display And 10MP Camera

iPhone 6: Concept Design Appears Featuring Transparent Display And 10MP Camera Written by: Anuj Bhatia Updated: Thursday, April 18, 2013, 15:06 [IST] Ads by Google FXLiDER Forex Платформа  Leverage do 200:1 поддршка од оператори на Македонски јазик Apple iPhone 6 is still far away from being released in the market, but designers like Eric Huismann wouldn't mind coming up with concept designs. In the past few months many designers have come up with the concept iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 designs. This time around a German based Eric Huismann conceptualize iPhone 6 in his own style. He [Eric Huismann] has come up with a 4-inch transparent display iPhone 6. The design itself feels thinner, and bolder to eyes. The handset features a 10-mega pixel rear camera with an ability to shoot 1080p Full HD video without any hiccups. This is not all; the device packs Apple A7X processor inside for buttery experience. The handset carries three internal storage medium: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB ROM. What Mr. Huismann is thinking at the moment could be the future. The internet is abuzz with rumors surrounding transparent display will be used to power next-generation iPhone 6. Take this piece of information with grain of salt, but with Korean giant Samsung ready to manufacture flexible displays from this year, chances are bright that these futuristic technologies will be welcomed by many. In another piece of news, it is said that iPhone 6 has been pushed to 2014. Jeffries analyst Peter Misek was on Asian tour few days ago, and informs that Apple iPhone 6 has been delayed citing production issues. It was 

previously claimed that the iPhone 6 featuring a 4.8-inch display, will not arrive in 2013(via StreetInsider). Expect June 2014 release of iPhone 6. "After our Asia trip we now think the low-cost iPhone launch could be pushed to CQ4 and have increased confidence that the iPhone 6 will not launch until CY14", as per Peter Misek Everyone out in the media is saying that the iPhone 6 could feature a 4.8-inch display. The year 2013-2014, is rather tough for Tim Cook managed Apple. Apple shares have fallen to the lowest. Competition is steaming up, and Apple has to give a solid reason for the delay of its iDevices. If Apple announces a 4.8-inch display iPhone 6 in next year; that would be not less than a blunder on the part of Apple. Samsung, it's nearest had come up with a 4.8-inch display ducked Samsung Galaxy S3, in the year 2012. This very year Samsung has moved on, and announced the Galaxy S4 with 5-inch 1080p Full HD coupled with Octa-Core processor. The Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to announce the next -version of iPhone 5 this summer along with iOS 7. Stay tuned to GizBot

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