Monday, April 29, 2013

HTC One Mobiles Republic Powers BlinkFeed

HTC One black master 2
You might have heard the name Mobiles Republic a few times before, thanks to their News Republic, Appy Geek and Appy Gamer Android apps. They’re one of the biggest mobile news syndicators with over 1,500 licensed sources – including ourselves! What you might not know however, is that they’re the people behind HTC’s BlinkFeed, which is one of the headlining features of the HTC One (our review is coming real soon!). You might already know what BlinkFeed is and what it does but, we’ll let HTC quickly fill you in 
Essentially, it’s the news you care about, right there at your fingertips. It’s a great feature of the One and if you just have to know what’s going on at every waking moment, then you’ll love BlinkFeed. You go ahead and set-up your customized feed in the settings and then you’ll get your own news selection on your homescreen whenever you need it:
2013-04-25 09.15.01
You can read the whole article without having to head on over to the source page as well, like this post of ours here:
2013-04-25 14.10.39
BlinkFeed might be the RSS reader you think it is but, that’s a good thing, it makes it quick and easy to get the news you care about without having to go into individual apps. There’s a vast amount of sources on offer so you don’t have to keep jumping from app to app. You can lump in the more serious news with your gaming and tech news, to make sure that you get your fix wherever and whenever.
If you don’t have an HTC One, you can still get our stories in the Appy Geek app, which just recently got a sizable update with some tweaks and it takes better advantage of tablets like the Nexus 7.

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