Sunday, April 21, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S VI Gives us a Glimpse of 2015

Yes, you read the title right, it’s Samsung Galaxy S VI or Galaxy S6 if you want, not the Galaxy S IV launching tomorrow. Vilim Pluzaric imagined it and claims that he sees the newcomer as a cultural icon, that will replace the iconic nature of the iPhone, so he dedicated lots of hours to this project.

Samsung Galaxy S VI Gives us a Glimpse of 2015... Or Even Further

Vilim Pluzaric wants the design to be humane again and not so focused on crazy specs and advancements. The new Galaxy S VI design includes technologies that have yet to be launched, but they are truly a subject of innovation. We return to the roots, to the 4.5 inch screen, a larger frame/edge around the display, that actually makes sense from the point of view of the ergonomics. Edge to edge is dismissed by the designer as not so viable.
There’s also a RGB wide gamut OLED display and a non rectangular surface of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy concept is very thin and also very smooth and it’s made of plastic, with a futuristic generation of nano coating called Hyperskin. Everything goes to wireless, so there are no audio jacks or charging ports or even USB.

Samsung Galaxy S VI Gives us a Glimpse of 2015... Or Even Further

The device runs Android 6.0 with Gravity UX, that actually looks to me as innovative as the jump from Gingerbread to Android ICS, frankly speaking, so it’s impressive. The battery is also next gen and should provide one week of heavy usage on a single charging, while the display supports a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. At the back we have an 18 megapixel camera with 4K high framerate video recording.

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