Thursday, April 4, 2013

GTA 5 box - iPhone-like smartphone 2013

GTA 5 box art displays iPhone-like smartphone

It looks as though RockStar is sharing their love for Apple once again, which is evident on the recent GTA 5 box art from a few days ago. Looking at the image above you’ll notice an iPhone-like smartphone being held by the women on the left, who looks rather like the Angelina Jolie of old.
We’ve seen this woman holding this handset before, but featuring the device on the Grand Theft Auto V box art has to be a kick in the teeth for Android lovers – not so superior now are you? Okay, so it’s not exactly an iPhone, but we’re not stupid and know Rockstar is sharing their love for Apple’s smartphone.
The box art is very similar to what we have seen in past versions of GTA games, but did we expect any different? Sorry that we went off topic a little, just thought you would like to see the game developer sharing the Apple love.

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