Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How Google Glasses Work - Infographic

/ © Google
Google's new glasses seem so futuristic at first glance that it can be hard to tell how the technology works. Where is the on switch? Where does the processor sit? How does the projector work?
Thankfully, one ingenious infographic will tell you what you've wanted to know about how Google's new Glasses function.According to the infographic, the prism inside Glass projects a layer over the light generated by your environment. Meanwhile, the prism focuses the image directly on your retina. 
Despite being incredibly close to your eye, the images projected are bright and clear, and because it's transparent, you can still see everything around you. 
After looking at the infographic, we're a bit closer to understanding how this device work. Still, one question remains: how do you turn the dang thing on? And is there any way to replace a battery? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Google will soon be handing out Glass prototypes to the lucky winners of their Twitter contest, but it's not clear when the general public will get their hands on a pair. You better believe we'll let you know, though.

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