Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 In an analysis of the 40th anniversary of the invention of the first mobile phone in many media forums on the internet technological innovations everywhere except prohibition that makes models that revolutionized the mobile phone market, also focused on the current battle between smartphones s. The majority of these mobile market dominated by Apple and Samsung. Powerful American company came in 2007 thanks to its model iPhone, while Samsung became the competitor "legitimate" with Samsung Galaxy S.
Other companies, like Google or traditional ones like Nokia and others are trying to take their place in the market, but without ever becoming serious competitors. Therefore attention is rightly focused on innovations that will bring to market Apple and Samsung.
South Korean company is expected to launch on April 14 Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest generation of phones Galaxy S3 successor who became a rival to Apple's iPhone. But Americans are not standing still. Media and technology forums in the U.S. and Britain have begun to talk about the iPhone 6.
Among many assumptions and rumors will be like new product "Apple" is one that is probably the most trusted. It is a touch screen mobile from both sides and able to perfectly imitate the 3D images.
There are rumors that Apple has registered the patent of this product in 2011 and is currently in the implementation stage of his works, to give the final touch to what many fans say mobile smartphone will close once and for all "fight "in this market and will establish the hegemony of Apple.

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