Monday, April 8, 2013

HTC One Winner & received an award from TechnoBuffalo 2013

HTC One TechnoBuffalo

HTC One - the most interesting flagship smartphone this year, from both a software and a hardware point of view. Of course, this does not necessarily entail higher sales, but the Taiwanese company is trying to find the right consumer, without turning your device into "consumer goods" - at least, so say officials. HTC One - a real fount of innovations into one product, and it is celebrated not only journalists, but also consumers, as reflected in the polls on major resources.
MobileMandess 2013 Smartphone Battle
The well-known online edition published the final results of the TechnoBuffalo Mobile Madness 2013 - a multi-stage voting among readers for the best modern smartphone. After 15 paired "battles", in each of which there was only one winner, got to the final two smartphones: HTC One and ... HTC Butterfly!
Fresh flagship managed to win this Samsung Galaxy Note II, Nexus 4, and even the Samsung Galaxy S IV. At the world's first smartphone with a 1080p-screen opponents were no less serious: Windows Phone 8X from HTC, LG Optimus G Pro and the Nokia Lumia 920, where fans traditionally been very active.
However,  in the final vote it won HTC One , which clearly shows the interest to the smartphone by ordinary readers TechnoBuffalo. You have to understand that these are ordinary people who are not fans of any one company, it is for this reason it is possible to recognize the results of the vote valid.
But as mentioned above, the interest is not always automatically converted into sales, and unforeseen delays in the supply of smart and put the company itself is not in the best position.

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