Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iWatch - A Future Concept

he rumors about Apple creating an iWatch have been floating around lately and that gave me a thought: "What would the iWatch be like in the future?"
I shot and edited this video with a couple friends of mine and a couple days after the initial idea, we had a video to post to youtube. All my videos are usually shot on a super low budget, this one costs me $10 for a ruler and spray paint.
We shot the video in two and a half hours and then started the editing process (be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video at the bottom of this article). My buddy Aaron helped work on some of the visual effects with me and, after an all nighter, we had a finished concept video for the futuristic Apple iWatch. I just graduated from Biola University Film School in Los Angeles, CA and my full time job is making youtube videos - pretty rad.
But you know what would make that job even cooler for a filmmaker like me?? A holographic iWatch!
Fun fact: The iWatch device that is featured in the video is made of a ruler that was hot glued into a circular shape and spray painted white and black.

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