Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Samsung phone leaks Galaxy Note 3

We have already talked about the possibilities of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, and a new leak coincides with the speculations. The images show off a new design language and what seems to be a place for the S-Pen.
EVleaks has been very accurate with its details as it recently outed accurate images of the HTC First, a few Lumias and etc. They now tweeted an image stating that it could be Samsung’s new design language that will be implemented on upcoming devices.
GNOTE3 leak
On the other hand, there has been a report that there was actually a metallic Galaxy S4 in Samsung’s labs, but it never saw the light of the day due to production problems. It also indicated that HTC’s build quality was worrying Samsung, which may push the Korean giant to produce a new design language for the S4 follow-up, the Galaxy Note 3.
About the leak, the screen shows a screenshot of TouchWiz, though it’s not very clear. The home button looks exactly like the one on the Galaxy Note 2, and there’s a spot for something on the bottom left side, presumably the S-Pen.
While it could be Samsung’s upcoming design, it can easily be said that it’s a prototype and it won’t be the final product. If the Galaxy Note 3 ends up looking like this, would you consider getting one?

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