Sunday, April 7, 2013

Apple's new iPhone - Curved screen

Appleov novi iPhone? Zaobljen ekran, bez fizičkih tipki
The new patent that protected the Apple shows what could be the future of the iPhone. The new iPhone will have a curved screen, which reaches to the edges of the device and extends the field of view, and all the physical buttons have been removed.

APPARATUS 'soft landing'
Apple is working on an iPhone that will not break when you drop to the floor

Apple's new application for a patent under the number 20130076612 suggests that the new design of the smartphone may have a curved screen with the removal of all physical keys.

The new generation of the screen so they will not have to be flat as it was before. This design means that the smartphone will have a frame, so that the screen could occupy a greater surface of the phone.

Foto: Apple
Apple's application for this patent filed back in September 2011. year, but the report became public only last week. The patent also describes facial recognition technology that can be used to detect the registered end user smartphone.

Like many other companies, and Apple's design patents are often things that do not immediately see the light of day, but that does not mean that the design will not be applied to a future device.

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