Sunday, April 7, 2013

The more social networks you use - that you are a better worker

Bosses are you most likely to work blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and similar sites, but the latest data show that this only reduce your productivity.
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The work day is long, and very difficult to eight hours to be focused only on the job. That's why there are social networks, to us at least a little help in the survival of all that stress and boredom. But bosses usually have no sympathy for these trips, so blocking those pages and take us back to Excel tables (not of the likes) and endless reports.

But science and statistics are there to show them how wrong they are. Specifically, according to the latest company figures Evolv, which monitors data 500 largest U.S. companies, workers at the workplace using any of the social networks are more productive than those who do not use any. Even stranger is that productivity increases with the number of social networks that uses modern corporate slave.

This is primarily evident in activities related to the sale and direct contact with consumers, so that productivity increased by 1.5% to 2.8%, again depending on the number of the very social networks that are used. From this we can draw the conclusion that such a worker is better than someone's Facebook or Twitter just a big waste of time, but it is an indication that people who use these services more social and easier to communicate with other people.

With such data, most likely you will not be able to uletiti the office director and tell him that you must allow a half-hour chat with colleagues from high school, but it's enough to get a beer after work, you can brag that workers no better than you!

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