Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best idea for Apple's smart meter - PC

Rumors Apple will produce smart meter (SmartWatch) with curved screen has inspired designers to imagine its product will look like.

watch-1-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
watch-2-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
watch-3-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
IPhone Concept watches like the designer's most popular Pavel Simeonov.
watch-10-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
iWatch ADR designer.
watch-12-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
iWatch integrated projector Brett Jordan.
watch-14-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
The idea of ​​Anders Kjellberg Apple clock.
watch-15-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
The clock face is the player AndresUrena iPad Nano.
watch-16-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
This iWatch like a bracelet than a watch.
watch-17-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
Exquisite designs of Fuse Chicken.
watch-20-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
IWatch image on Mactrast.
watch-22-jpg [1,348,063,263]. jpg
Visualize Graphics on iWatch Observer.

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