Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smartphones - Generation of children grew up with tablets

The kids played tablets, phones may affect the brain and the ability to communicate or not is still controversial.
 Journalist Nick Bilton of the New York Times said he recently saw his sister as a wonderful thing.

When they're out to dinner and chat at a restaurant, but two of her 4-year-old Willow is 7 years old and Lucas fought each other. Department than simply measuring plates of anyone more beautiful, more water one cup of ...

As a magician makes crowds of children im off his regimen when pulled a rabbit out of the hat, Bilton's sister quietly pulled out of his pocket 2 Apple iPad glitter and gave it to two of them. Immediately, Willow and Lucas stop arguing. We play games, watch video while adults continued in quiet conversation.
 After the meal, when the iPad is placed in the bag, she proved guilty. "I do not want the kids to use the tablet while having dinner., But if that can help us get an hour of peace, and more importantly, does not affect the others in the restaurant, she will do. Did you think this habit will adversely affect them? She worried this will make them think that the use of electronic devices in a normal diet in the future, "she shared. 
 This is really a difficult question. As before, the survey results that many people go to bed even has a mobile phone, a laptop on the bed causing this sudden, in tow device with you when sleep has become something of nothing to the table. Or those who "love" each other suddenly stops for a few seconds to check the phone to see which mention was a joke, this is not too strange. Each person has different perspectives evaluate routine use of equipment and there is also no scientific studies on the brains of people who grew up with mobile devices will turn out.
 "We still do not know the specific effects on the nervous system of these technologies," said Dr. Gary Small of the University of Los Angeles, California (USA), said. But he says the brain sensitive to things that will likely cause irritation, such as screen tablet and smartphone. If people spend too much time with technology when there is so little time to chat with relatives in the meal, the development of communication skills will be certain obstacles.
Generation of children grew up with tablets, smartphones
 However, this leads to the next question: So a child pen wax painting with meals (something that many parents have traditionally agreed for their children to do) would be more sociable child's play painting app on the iPad? 
Ozlem Ayduk, Associate Professor at the University of Berkelay, California recognized the kids open drawing or coloring books do not communicate more than when using the iPad. "Thus, the issue here is the story between the children and the people around, not so for the iPad or for play toys", Ayduk comment.

As the above examples of Willow and Lucas, even though we are very pleased to look at the shiny screen, we do not have a conversation in which he can not sit still thinking.
 "Talking is the way children learn to make the communication and learning how to talk to yourself, learn to be alone. Learn to be alone is a basis of the development of early stages of life and parents do not want the kids to ignore it just because they fill in the gaps with a device ", Sherry Turkle, a professor of science, technology and society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said.
 Turkle has asked many parents and children about the use of mobile devices and she worries that the children do not learn to interact in real life are more likely to mistake.
 "They need to think independently without relying on a device at all. We need to explore your imagination, explore yourself to a day they form relationships with other people that are not afraid to work in a her. If you do not teach kids to be alone (which they kill time by playing with the device), then we will just always feel alone, "the professor said.

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