Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 marketing

Having already discussed early that the iPhone 5S could release without iOS 7

and the iPhone 6 may also be made available later this year, we’re now hearing Steve Jobs could have had a hand in both designs.
According to the report from Mashable, it’s stated that Tim Cook did not have a hand in the next two iPhones, which we believe to be the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. While most Apple faithful will be happy with this, there will be some who believe this to be Apple’s strange marketing.
The reason for the mixed reaction is because some iPhone and Android owners will have you believe Apple is now a little desperate and is holding on to the past, and by saying the next two iPhones were the work of the late Steve Jobs will give the company a boost.
There’s a concern if this is the case because Steve’s designs could still stick with the small form-factor, and the fact that they do not have faith in the team at Apple. Do you believe this story is true, and if so what does it say for the future of Apple, who are relying on the work of one man who sadly passed away some time ago?

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