Saturday, April 6, 2013

Walls360 offers Susan Kare icons for your walls

Walls360 is a cool startup in Las Vegas that makes high-quality (but affordable) wall art. They've got the license to some great properties, like Star Trek, Plants vs. Zombies and a host of children's books, and now they are offering nearly all of the icon artwork produced by famed designer Susan Kare.

The company scored some work with Zazzle, but they actually have a higher purpose than just printing other people's stuff. If you think these are merely wall stickers, I think it's important to explain how committed to art the team really is.

The team itself is made up of artists, for example. Here's a bit of background:
Dave, the on-demand production manager started in art school and wound up being featured on TUAW once upon a time. Vulcan, the on-demand production lead is a legendary aerosol artist who created the Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem in the '80s. Chris, director of creative services, co-founded one of the first on-demand wall graphics companies in the world while an undergraduate at UNLV, as did Stewart, who now runs business development.

The founders, John Doffing and Tavia Campbell, have 20 years of digital imaging experience. CEO John even ran afoul of App Store guidelines early on in the store's history.

So Walls360 is made up of artists and geeks, and I was more than impressed with their on-demand factory for printing these awesome wall art pieces. For those of you attending Macworld/iWorld, we'll have a special giveaway!

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