Saturday, April 6, 2013

Design Duo headphones Monster 'crisis

The pair of Monster headphones are designed not only "independent" but also that the user cost brainer.

Monster design is quite scary.
Product called Monster design first cover shoot with 2 big ears tubers contained both ears. The uniqueness of this headset is a product focused on every detail in the design. Monster really impressed not only by design but also by 18k gold-plated spider of a black diamond studded ear embracing 2 bulbs. Although there is no specific information about the detailed specifications of the product, but users can rely entirely on the quality of its sound - as was Monster Noel Lee, sound engineer and CEO floating Monster hours of "tweaking" a very special way.

Meanwhile, Diamond Tears look more gentle and serene. 

Along with headset products in the macabre style, Monster also introduced a version other than the affable designer called Diamond Tears. However, its production is limited to 5 samples.

Diamond Tears also owns first cover design with two large tubers embrace ear ear users. Arch capture of this headset can also be stowed design rather handy when needed move. According to information from the company, it takes more than 100 hours to build a Diamond Tears headphones is $ 30,000.

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