How many times have you been sitting in a meeting at work, or an intimate classroom setting at school, and you feel your phone vibrating, indicating an incoming message? You know it’s looked down upon to check your phone, but you can’t shake that itch, no matter how hard you try.A new Kickstarter project, LinkMe, seeks to help you out in that, and other similar situations. LinkMe is a sleek, metal bracelet that will deliver messages to you fairly discreetly, assuming it meets its funding goals. 

The bracelet, which we must admit is pretty good-looking, has an LED display built in. After installing the accompanying app on your smartphone, you can set up which alerts are sent to your LinkMe. You won’t receive every single alert (unless you want to), but rather, you select whose messages you want sent your way.In addition, you can choose to have certain social updates, like Facebook and Twitter, sent to your bracelet.
However, the message interface could be improved. The current prototype is reminiscent of old school scrolling LED word boards. Though we have to admit, it does have a charming nostalgia to it, but since discretion is part of the allure, something a little more refined and subtle would be nice. (Maybe other designs will come after the launch?)
When you aren’t receiving a message, the bracelet functions as a watch, as well.LinkMe has currently raised more than $20,000 of the $100,000 goal, with another 29 days to go, so it’s well on its way to making this project happen. The anticipated cost, when it hits the market, is $150, but a $100 donation to Kickstarter will get you your own LinkMe. Devices for donors will ship this August, so we expect that consumers will be able to order at around the same time.
Whether it will take off is hard to say. We like that it serves a single, basic function. But with all the talk about smartwatches lately, there could be some hesitation from consumers.
What about you? Would you sport a band that showed you your texts?